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Ni de Aquí, Ni de Allá is a fresh collection of diverse voices from the Dominican community that offers a balance of contemporary writers of multiple generations of the Dominican diaspora. The world of Dominican literature we grew up in taught us how stories become a fierce tool that serves to amplify the realities of some while muting and many times erasing the experiences of many. This anthology includes stories that are a product of those generations. In them, you will find people who navigate homesickness, nostalgia, assimilation, identity, immigration, and so many other societal factors created by the systems of both the United States and the Dominican Republic. While these individuals grapple with full acceptance or a sense of home in both societies, the contributors put words on paper so that we can find our own full selves in the spaces created by their words. Ni de Aquí, Ni de Allá attests to the vibrancy, power, and force of the sentimientos encontrados within the balance of both the here and the there.

Ni de aquí, Ni de allá

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